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Amanda Renovation

It was the sense of history that influenced the re-design of Amanda. It is an act of story telling. Pieces of her had become too warn to salvage, but others were relics in re-usable states. These elements became the words that communicate her legacy. The exterior was mostly maintained in close co-operation with the Historic District Commission. The face that overlooked the harbor on Monomoy would be one that the ship captain would recognize today. The interior, however, was re-framed to reveal the open spaces it contained. Hull-like forms were carved out, which lay the framework for the addition of the next layering in Amanda’s history. The interior spaces beautifully function with efficiency and grace, meeting the demands of the current tenants with efficiency. It places the present and future in a continuum with its past. Salvaged elements were left untreated, but re-arranged. Some hang like artwork in spaces as a reminder.